Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Switzerland, 2010

Some of Georg's current lab started with him in at the EPFL in Switzerland. And, because Matt is one of them, almost all of us took a road trip down to Lausanne this weekend.

Here's a picture. Click on it for more. It was a pretty good trip. Charles parents are amazingly nice, and I've never eaten so much cheese. Also, Matt did a really good job with his public defense. He's moved to Lausanne, now, so I think it's goodbye forever. However, he told me I can expect one email per year, so I'm looking forward to that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Even though this makes me a bad American...

Jenny's been writing about things she likes about Germany recently. And, since tonight is the Superbowl, I thought I'd mention how much I like the fact that Germany is missing certain things that I've never liked about the U.S.

1. American Football. I don't like it. College, professional, whatever. I mean, it in itself is not so bad, I just don't like the way in turns people into lunatics who urinate in public places and keep me from parking on days when I really need to get to the lab. Sure, soccer is bad in Europe, but the scary police officers in the riot gear keep things under control. Plus, the stadium for the Jena team is nowhere near the lab, so that makes things much better.

2. Valentine's Day. This is most likely the stupidest holiday ever. At home you can't escape it, it's everywhere. I've found that it makes me sad when I'm not dating someone, and sadder when I am. I mean, it's hard to get expectations low enough. So I've adopted the strategy of pretending like it doesn't exist, which is much easier in Germany.

3. Drunk Men Yelling Stuff at You. It has nothing to do with how attractive I am, living in Atlanta people yelled at me or honked at me all the time. Here, this doesn't happen. Even when I walk past a crowd of rowdy college boys. Nothing. Okay, at first I felt somewhat unattractive because I wasn't getting the attention, but feeling safe while I walk down the street is more that worth it.

That's all for now. I hope y'all enjoy the Superbowl. I will miss the Superbowl food. Germans don't really understand how delicious a dip can be. Ranch dressing doesn't even exist here. Horrifying, I know.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sideways Windmill

From my trip to The Netherlands. I couldn't seem to make it rightside up. But enjoy.