Sunday, May 30, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland!

Tonight is my last night in Germany. I'm really sad. Ko and I got to Frankfurt yesterday and have been having a nice time here. Occasionally I break down, because I remember that I'm leaving the life that I've made for the past two years.

The reality of things didn't really hit me until about Friday afternoon. Until then I had spent so much time worrying about things that I needed to do that I didn't think about everything I'd be leaving behind. It's probably for the best, there was no point mourning the loss of things that hadn't been lost yet. Here's a picture of my apartment on the last day it was mine, and one including Jenny (she came over to help me clean).

I've already said my goodbyes to all my friends (and colleagues) in the lab. Ko is coming with me to the airport tomorrow so I can say goodbye to him there. I'm excited about coming home and starting my new job, really, but I hate this leaving thing. Hopefully my German (and other) friends will take me seriously, and remember that they've always got a place to stay in the US.


Garadiol said...

I know how you feel, all this changings are quite exhausting... But I am really happy that it means you will be visiting me soon.

Quinton said...

At least you get to come see me! Mom, Sarah, Mike, John, Sammy, Luke, Izzy, and Murphy are all so excited about seeing you! I love you Emily!!!

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