Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Do List

Moving out of Germany is tricky. It's a lot like moving out in the US, except

  1. All interactions have to be conducted in German
  2. I have no car
  3. I have to get rid of everything except what will fit in two suitcases.

So in those ways it's a bit more tricky. Here's a brief look into the things that I need to do in the next week and a half.

  1. Go see the Frauenartz for a prescription for "anti-baby pills" (I swear, that's what they're called here)
  2. Make an appointment and go to the dentist
  3. Paint my apartment (scheduled for Saturday - I've recruited a team to help)
  4. Mail packages to US (okay, I sort of lied about the 2 suitcases thing. It's more like 2 suitcases and a couple of boxes)
  5. Close my bank account and transfer remaining money to American account
  6. Go visit the Foreigner's Office to get official permission to stay in Germany, since my flight is one day (!) after my visa expires.
  7. Unregister with the city (i.e., go to the city office and fill out a form)
  8. Cancel my bahncard (train discount card)
  9. Give away all my furniture (I've actually found someone to take it already)
  10. Clean
  11. Do the check out thing with the landlord
  12. Pack

I'm sure it'll all be fine - I've got a week and a half. Plus, everyone is being very helpful - Katha called the landlord and has agreed to come to the check out thing with me. She's also agreed to come with me to the bank. Georg offered to drive me to the dump on Friday. Plus, the painting team will be Jenny, Ko, and Bart (who is arriving from Belgium the day before). And Ko is going to Frankfurt with me, which will be nice (not just because he'll help me with the luggage).

I have realized that the name of this blog will no longer apply once I move to the US. I'm trying to decide whether this means I should

  1. Not worry about it
  2. Change the name
  3. Stop blogging

Okay, that three lists in one blog. Not too bad.


kms said...

Clearly you are very busy because you aren't online at all. : (
Are you going to celebrate your birthday this weekend or will we do it when you get home?

You could just adjust the title of your blog without changing the address....

An innocent, A broad...

anaeromyxo said...

List of lists:

1. Ways in which moving out of Germany is different from moving out of the US

2. Things that need to be done in the next week and a half

3. Options for the blog

You could name the blog, "A domestic innocent."

Ludwig said...

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